To remove the “curling” effect, simply unroll your magnet and place it on a flat surface in a warm environment. Allow your magnet time to warm up. You can speed up the process by using a hair dryer and applying light heat to your magnet. Heat will cause a “softening” effect. The softer the magnet, the more malleable it becomes.

Cold conditions will cause a “stiffening” effect for your magnet. If the magnet were repeatedly rolled and unrolled, or folded and unfolded in this state, cracking or tearing could occur.

Your Rock Your Locker magnet is of the highest quality vinyl and extremely durable when properly cared for. However, vinyl, by nature, can tear easily if you try. So don’t try!

When cutting around a locking mechanism, be sure to handle your magnet with care and you’ll have nothing to worry about. Use one hand to secure your magnet from falling at all times, and use “rounded” edges as opposed to right angle cuts to increase stability and reduce the chance of tearing when applying and removing your magnet.

For its own safety and security, it should! However, some prefer not to cut around the locking mechanism and prefer to simply place their magnet on the outside of their locker. At Rock Your Locker, we want your magnet to be as unique as you are, so the choice is yours. Do what it is that makes you, YOU!